The first POS that supports cryptocurrency at the lowest rates in the industry. Low initial investment and no monthly fee!

Why Choose Us?

WE HAVE THE LOWEST MARKET RATE! One of EletroPay's main advantages is its transaction fees, as these are among the best in the market!You can choose between two plans, Economic or Early, and pay higher or lower rates according to the deadline to receive sales balances.In the Economic Plan, the debit rate is 1.9% and the balance is released in 1 business day; the spot credit rate is 3.1% (30-day balance); and the installment payment is 3.9% (balance every 30 days).In the Early Plan, the debit rate is the same, but the credit rate in cash becomes 4.6% with balance in 1 business day at the bank. This is the same initial installment fee, to which you must add 1.5% per installment to receive everything within 1 business day.

About Us

EletroPay is a POS device or point of sale designed to receive electronic payments. Electronic payments are those made by reading a code - known as QRCode, already widely used in many countries, including companies like Visa and Mastercard. 

In addition to receiving electronic payments, EletroPay features another differential, support for cryptocurrencies. While the concept of cryptocurrencies is new to many people, they are becoming an increasingly popular payment method.